Balanites Aegytiaca Seeds

Product Description

The Balanites aegyptiaca plant is found in many African countries, Middle East and South Asia and the tree reaches 10 m (33 ft) in height with a generally narrow form. The fruit contains a thin brittle epicarp, a fleshy mesocarp and a woody endocarp of oil seed or kernel. Oil yield 40 — 50% with four major fatty acids: Linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic- similar to soybean oil. The oil also contains steroids (saponins, sapogenins, diosgenins) used as raw material for industrial production of contraceptive pills, corticoids, anabolisants and other sexual hormones (ONUDT, 1994). Oil can be used for bio-diesel production.


Oil Extracted from Balanities aegyptiaca seed kennel is used for human consumption, pharmaceutical, alcoholic and the cosmetics industry. For the cosmetics industry, the oil is used for the following purposes: anti-aging, cells and tissues rejuvenation, treatment of skin diseases, hair oil and wound treatment.

Medicinal or Pharmaceutical Benefits include the treatment of worm infestation, treatment of toxic or poisoning, treatment of abdominal colic pain, treatment of intestinal worms, aphrodisiac and relief of headache.