Moringa Oleifra Seeds

Product Description

Moringa oliefera seed is derived from the Moringa oleifera tree. The Moringa oleifera tree produces fruit (in the form of a pod) and ripens after three months of flowering which may be 20-60 centimetres in length. The pods become brown and dry at maturity and split open into 3 parts longitudinally. Each pod usually contains 12 to 35 round seeds, one (1) centimetre in diameter.

Moringa oleifera Seed Oil is suitable for both human and industrial consumption due to its numerous properties. It can be a very good substitute for Olive Oil in diet and biodiesel, cosmetics and lubricants for fine machinery in non-food application purposes. Furthermore, after oil extraction, the seed cake can be used in waste water treatment as a natural coagulant or as an organic fertilizer to improve agricultural productivity. Specifically, Moringa oleifera seed oil is commercially exploited in the health, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

For the cosmetics industry, it is marketed as Anti-Aging Oil, Natural Glow, Treatment of Acne, black heads and black spots, Cures cuts, burns and rashes, Moisturizes Scalp and Strong Hair